Price list

A summary of our current rates:

Garment alterations


Bridal Alterations are quoted only after fitting appointment.

All prices are estimated and quoted FROM...


Bodice alteration  dependent on beadwork, applique and layers                                                                             



Bridal Dress/Skirt/ Hem alteration dependent on number of layers, aplique, lace etc.                                                                       £40.00
Strap fixing/removal                                                   £5.00
Bustle for lifting train                                                  £10.00
Hoop alteration                                                          £5.00
Jacket alteration                                                         £20.00
 day skirt hem per layer  10.00
Blouse: shortening/taking in £7.00
Trousers hem/waistband £7.00
Zip replacement                                          £20.00
Mending / repairs £5.00
Button attachment per button £1.00

Alterations on request:

  • Customisation
  • embellishment added 
  • Sundry repairs